How Can Americans Sleep
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Sunday, 22 June 2008
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How Can Americans Sleep
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How Can Americans Sleep
Through So Many
Wake-Up Calls?  

By Karl Schwarz
WAKE UP, America.
Do you remember the 2006 elections?  Do you remember the DNC promises to END the war in Iraq?
America took the House and Senate away from the Republicans, gave it to the Democrats, and nothing was done to even pretend to stop the war.  Zero. 
We have the most impeachable president and administration in the history of the United States, literal war criminals, and both sides of the aisle abjectly, irrefutably refuse to repair America's destroyed image throughout the world.
America is dying of cancer and these Congressional lap dog cretins refuse to perform the operation (impeachment) that would begin to restore some of the damage Bush has done to America and the rest of the world. That is why the approval rating for Congress is right there in the sewer with Bush - they are just as despicable.
Bush has stated repeatedly that the 'Axis of Evil' is Iraq, Iran and North Korea.  Remember that?  I submit the true axis of evil is the US, UK and Israel. I submit that any nation that makes war and kills over one MILLION people based on a lie is evil.  It is not 'war', it's called Genocide...and it is NOT 'defending' America.
Many have come forward Bush and Cheney lied.  The entire Bush Administration and Congress were/are just one Big Lie Machine.  O'Neill and McClellan have both made it clear: Bush and Cheney LIED.  Furthermore, Blair lied to the UK.  Colin Powell lied to the UN. Rice lied/lies every time she moves her lips.
9-11 was a huge lie. They needed an excuse to attack Afghanistan and take over the Caspian Basin oil and have a pipeline route to get it to world markets.  Not because America needs it, but because certain people in America want those trillions of dollars in their pockets.
Over 3,000 American troops (13,000?) and countless others have been murdered because someone wanted those trillions of dollars.
Do we really have to have a debate in America on the definition of what a LIE is?  Are we are a point in the course of our nation that Americans do not know the difference between the truth and a lie, fact versus fiction?
I have heard it said that many Americans prefer to believe almost any lie over the simple truth...if it is more 'comfortable' for them.  There was a time I did not believe that, but I do now.
I am a devout Ecumenical Christian but have major disagreements with the Zionist Christians who think "thou shalt not kill" was a suggestion, not a Commandment.  Killing based on lies is way past evil. I do not think they will win the debate with God on Judgment Day that the Iraqi genocide they supported was okay due to semantics and splitting hairs over what the definition of genocide or murder is.
Now we are in 2008, the White House is up for grabs, and both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have mumbled 'stay the course' in Iraq. Defending America, NOT.
Of course McCain will stay the course because he is too stupid to come up with an alternative and besides, the idiot Christian Far Right still thinks Bush is hot, and is out defending America - while the truth of the matter is he is destroying America and knee-deep in heinous in war crimes.
I thought America would be up in arms about the torture, the mass death, the genocide...but evidently American Christians are okay with torture so long as it is not them being tortured.
At the gas pump, cash only is about to be required because the gas stations are tired of giving 3% to 8% to the credit card companies on the sale.  It is affecting their bottom line, too.
What is torture to me?
Watching another lie uttered by Wall Street or Washington DC and certain Americans holding them up high as the great leaders they are not.  
I fear that about 90% of Americans cannot connect those dots and come up with the right answer the DNC lied about ending the travesty of Iraq.Will they continue to lie?  You can bet everything you have on it.
Do they care one iota that your gasoline, home utilities and food prices are putting you deeper in the hole and bankrupting you and your family?  Again, you can bet all you have that they could not care less.  
So, why does the treasonous Democrat Congress not impeach Bush and just be done with it?
Because he has the ultimate defense. He would expose the other side of the aisle as being just as complicit in 9-11; for their support of the lies about why we needed to attack Afghanistan for a pipeline; and the hideous lies about Iraq and the genocide of !.2 million people. Both sides of the aisle are guilty...and that is why Bush smirks.  
Just this week the Democrat-controlled Congress voted (approved) another $165 billion for a war the entire world (except most of America) knows was based on total lies.
Of course, the quid pro quo was they would approve that $165 billion so Bush could "victory" and not veto an obese pork spending package of DNC pet projects. Both the pork projects and the wars are funded with debt, folks, not cash. The American hole just got deeper.
Did anyone notice that with passage of the $165 billion bill the US dollar took a nose dive in world markets because that money did not come from the US Treasury?  It is yet more DEBT and the rest of the world is sick and tired of funding the excesses of Washington, DC and its endless lies.
If you have not traveled outside of the US since Bush took office, you should.  There are places in Europe that one cannot get the currency exchange windows to even accept US dollars at ALL.  It's that bad, folks.  But still America laughs, plays, sleeps, eats fast 'food', shops at the malls...and continues to sink just like the unsinkable Titanic did.
'The worst of the credit crisis is behind us.'
If you believe that, you are the type of fool that Washington DC salivates over. 
According the Morgan Stanley, the Royal Bank of Scotland and the Bank of England, you had better hold onto your socks because what is coming is an F5 economic tornado.
Wow, Britney Spears' father won a court order allowing him to sell her home.  That's news...but the dying economy isn't even mentioned.

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